10 Best Travel Bloggers in the UK You Should Follow

For most of us, travel is a luxury, often seen a way to get rid of the chaos of mundane life. But there are some people who take travel as the basic necessity of life. The latter type is what we call the Globetrotters, people who love to lead life on the go. Most of them end up sharing their experiences and photographs on their blogs, which can be informative, inspiring and also make for an interesting read.

Here, we bring you ten such awesome travel bloggers from the UK whose blogs are a great source of inspiration.

1] Suze Renner


The first on our list is Suze Renner, who owns and runs the popular blog called Luxury Columnist. Over 1,00,000 followers across her social media depict the love and praise she has been showered from around the country. Her blogs are often filled with anecdotes from her travel diaries. In addition, she is seen sharing tips which are always handy for someone who is planning a holiday.

2] Bonnie Rakhit


Based in London, Bonnie Rakhit will win you over with her crisp and trenchant guide to the world’s stylish places. The girl blogs at The Style Traveller, and has zillions of tips and suggestions for eat-outs and stays as far as urban cities are concerned. Herself a voracious traveller, she has great suggestions for anybody from a beach-lover to a full-night party animal.

3] Jess Gibson


What began as a hobby eventually turned into a profession- the habit of blogging that is! Her blog The Travelista is a potent source of information- from anything like chalking itineraries to finding hotel recommendations. Hundreds of tourists gain from her unbiased reviews as her blog has helped her earn multiple awards and trophies since 2013.

4] Amy West


Amy West is not unheard of name in the travel-blogging industry. Her blog merges fashion and food alongside travel, giving the reader a comprehensive view of the placed he/she is heading to. Amy too has earned critical acclaim with numerous awards to her name. She blogs at AmyWestTravel.com

5] Dave Brett


He seems to have seen the world alone and now stands as an exemplary figure in the world of solo travelling. Naturally, he is also a big motivator and his tips come a long way in helping young people plan a perfect trip. Also, his videos are very well-shot and can make that adrenaline in you flow really fast. Check him out at traveldave.co.uk


6] Yaya Onalaja-Aliu and Lloyd Griffiths


They are partners-in-crime if travelling and blogging can be dubbed a crime; two friends sharing common passion for travelling and sharing their combined experience with millions of the less-fortunate. Their blog, intellectually named as Hand Luggage Only, is a place for top photographs, great tips and reviews, and top-quality writing.

7] Carrie Santana da Silva


On her blog WishWishWish, Carrie also shares tips on how to dress best when at different places. Her 10-year journey in blogging is now reaping rewards with a plethora of people following her religiously. Now one of the most loved fashion and lifestyle blogs in the UK, she shares intriguing tales from her fashion-inspired trips to global destinations.

8] Monica Stott


Monica began her blog The Travel Hack nearly a decade ago in 2009 when she was a newly turned adult who had just learnt how to smell the world. Many years later, with children of her own, she now offers incredible (quite unique) tips on how to roam the world with a baby in tow. Those mothers who thought travelling is a nuisance if you have a baby to look after can breathe a sigh of relief after reading her posts.

9] Angie Silver


Angie Silver is the blogger to follow if you are a foodie and wish to know more about the local cuisines of Asia, Australia, USA and Europe. Angie is someone who prides herself on having visited different corners of the planet, and her love and knowledge for food is perhaps matched by none. She blogs at SilverSpoon London, which is the correct place to check out if you want to make a personal list of the best foods and the best restaurants of any country!

10] Vicky


Vicky blogs as frequently as thrice a week and comes up with unconventional and unheard of places, and pushes her readers to explore them. With a strong upper hand in the realm of travel, she keeps coming up with great ideas on how to best utilize your weekends and annual holidays to travel in, around and outside the UK. She can be followed at vickyflipfloptravels.com .

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