Six Stunning Holiday Destinations You Can Explore on £25 a day or less!

Is there anyone who doesn’t love vacations? We bet, no one! But the misconception, or a truth to quite an extent, that travelling is extremely expensive brings many on back foot.

If you too have been touched on by this notion, it’s time to rejoice! We have found out countries all over the world which you can explore on a very low budget. Sounds good? Now another good thing – many of these countries are amazingly beautiful.

So here you go! Be yourself acquainted with some of the world’s most spectacular nations where you can travel on as low as £25 a day.


shutterstock_331234733Egypt is far-famed for being home to the great Pyramids of Giza! Then there is the Sphinx, the flourishing Nile River, and the astonishingly historic Luxor, drawing history buffs and intrepid explorers from far and wide. Dividing North Africa and the Middle East, Egypt also boasts an alluring mix of unique cultures.

All major destinations in Egypt including Cairo feature cheap hostels and inns, where you can stay for as little as £3 per night. Transfers through local buses and eating at inexpensive restaurants won’t cost you more than £15 a day. Make sure you book your flights to Cairo and hotel well in advance.

 Currency: Egyptian Pound

1 British Pound Equals around 23.50 Egyptian Pound  


shutterstock_367285121India is a land of massive contrasts and an absolute delight for backpackers. From majestic forts and palaces of Rajasthan to tropical landscapes of Kerala and pristine Goa beaches to lush hill stations in the North East – the country has a plethora of fascinating places promising the visitors a mesmeric holiday experience.

You might be pleased to know that India is very affordable for those from the UK and other countries with a strong currency. There are hotels around the country, which offer comfy stay in a range of £7-10. Popular cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai feature excellent and affordable public transportation.

Currency: Indian Rupee 

1 British Pound Equals around 85 Indian rupee 

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shutterstock_576176161Apart from picture-perfect beaches and massive seaside resorts, Mexico delights visitors with its eventful history depicted through massive castles and cathedrals, excellent museums and galleries. Exotic wildlife in this North American country is worth a mention too.

Exploring Mexico won’t cost you a fortune. The key is to avoid luxury coastal resorts, and pick your stay in towns, where you can find a range of economical hostels and guesthouses.

Currency: Mexican Peso

1 British Pound Equals around 24 Mexican Peso

Sri Lanka

shutterstock_358672859Not many countries blend history, culture and nature so effortlessly as Sri Lanka does. It has long sandy shorelines, lush, wildlife-packed national parks, serene hill stations, and places of great archeological and cultural significance, making it a dream destination for all.

Surprisingly, a holiday in Sri Lanka is very cheap. Hotels are available for as little as £5 per night. The country is also popular for its sumptuous yet cheap street food. So take advantage of this to make your holiday pocket-friendly.

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee 

1 British Pound Equals around 203 Mexican Peso

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shutterstock_162648617Billed as the Land of Smiles, Thailand welcomes leisure seekers from all over the world. The country’s stunning islands, buzzing floating markets, vibrant nightlife and revered hospitality make it one of the most sought after in whole Southeast Asia.

If you know where to stay and eat, a holiday in Thailand can be amazingly cheap. Of course, you might need giving up fancy hotels and long sessions of Thai messages. Food is pretty cheap here, so is transportation if you use public buses, trains, and tuk-tuks.

Currency: Thai Baht

1 British Pound Equals around 45 Thai Baht

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