The Best of Asia for Your 2017 Holiday

Up for a holiday, but not sure where to go? We recommend you to take your pick from the Lonely Planet’s list of new Best in Asia 2017.

From electrifying metropolises and glorious historical monuments to lush trails through steaming jungles and stunning blonde beaches – the largest continent packs in a plethora of amazing places, catering to one and all.

Read on, take your pick, and get rolling!

Okkaidō, Japan

shutterstock_496599403Snow-clad mountains, tranquil seashore and the rich wilderness in this northernmost island of Japan will keep your rejuvenated.

Now with the new bullet train linking this unspoiled heaven to Tokyo, getting here has got a lot easier.


Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

shutterstock_267438863A feast for your eyes and senses, Sri Lanka’s idyllic Hill Country promises a completely enigmatic experience. Take a train ride to explore this virgin, vigorous part of Sri Lanka, hidden away from the humdrum of city life. The picture depicts all you’ll be in for.

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Shanghai, China

shutterstock_520792795What London is to the UK, Shanghai is to China. The cultural, artistic, and economic hub of the Republic of China has a swag unmatched to anywhere else. The best thing to do here is mingling with locals and having a good time in the city’s lively pubs and bars. Futuristic architectures surrounding the Bund and spellbinding scenery in the Yu Garden are other reasons why tickets to Shanghai sell like hot cakes.

This year, the city will the first Disney resort of China mainland opening its gate to the public. So it invites you to bigger and brighter parties!

Con Dao Islands, Vietnam

shutterstock_352434989One of the best-kept secrets of Vietnam, Con Dao Islands is a national park since 1984. The beautiful territory offers amazing diving opportunities, and hiking through wildlife-rich tropical forests – drawing adventure lovers from far and wide. It also boasts a captivating coastline dotted with pristine white beaches and sandy coves. The nearby Con Son town, with an ever-growing cluster of chic café-bars, restaurants and nightlife hubs, proves to be a backpackers’ haven.

Kerala, India

shutterstock_387564922As you float through Kerala’s obscure, teal-hued backwaters, the nature around you feels a rejuvenating retreat. Yes, heaven looks a lot closer in this southernmost state of India.

Its palm-fringed beaches have an otherworldly feel, while emerald-green tea plantations are the best remedy for the city infested souls. Then there are vibrant culture, sumptuous cuisine and healing Ayurvedic treatments, promising you a holiday worth talking home about.

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Bali, Indonesia

shutterstock_136180889If splashing around scintillating beaches is your idea of a perfect holiday, Bali won’t disappoint you! The Indonesian province features a strand of sandy beaches, offering something for all ages and interests. In addition, tourists booking packages for Bali holidays are in for exploring the stunning temple architecture and breathtaking beauty of surrounding rainforests.

Trang Islands, Thailand

shutterstock_527024167The pretty province in the Southern Thailand hits the same knockout punch as its famous neighbors- Phuket, Krabi, and Hua Hin, but it is a way more tranquil and lesser crowded. And perhaps that’s what makes it an emerging star of Thailand tourism. Unwind on the blonde beaches glistening amid greenery-clad karts or bask in the untouched splendors the surrounding forests feature – there’s a lot to keep you hooked. Beachfront resorts and bungalows offer pampering amenities and flawless Thai service, making your holiday all the more irresistible.

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Dubai, UAE

shutterstock_138012173The list is incomplete without Dubai, a glittering emirate in the UAE that thrives on its passion for achieving the zenith of everything. From the world’s tallest skyscraper ‘Burj Khalifa’ to the largest artificial island ‘Palm Jumeirah’ – Dubai is certainly a land of modern miracles. The surrounding desert and the Arabian Gulf beaches keep you connected with the Mother Nature. In 2016, as seven new theme parks were inaugurated, promising more to the travellers booking tickets and packages for Dubai holiday.

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shutterstock_112003280The Lion City always beguiles with its blend of natural beauty and the best-in-class modern infrastructure.

Relax on the picturesque Sentosa beaches or spend a day full of enthrallment at Universal Studio. For the ultimate dose of Singapore’s art, history, and hip culture, Keong Saik Road is the place to be. The famous Orchard Road will enthrall the shopaholic on Singapore holidays.



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